Club Guidelines

Club Guidelines

Green Star Canoe Club – Guidelines for Trips Away

1. Everyone in the group (Juniors and Seniors) must be aware of their responsibility to maintain safety and to follow the Club’s rules and those of the event or venue.

2. A risk assessment should be made, if possible with knowledge of the rivers or venue involved.

3. Club insurance should be checked to confirm that adequate cover is in place.

See BCU guidelines for more details, especially on trips abroad.

4. All participants must supply details of emergency contacts and medical information (see also notes below about Juniors).

5. A Trip Manager should be appointed, and if necessary made a temporary Official of the Club. If the group is mixed, there should be at least one female official (manager, coach, club official) on the trip.

The Manager will have responsibility and authority as described below:

* The Manager will hold the emergency contact and medical details for all participants (juniors and seniors).

* The Manager will be the first contact for parents or Club officials needing to contact the group.

* In any emergency involving a member of the group, the Manager must be informed and will be responsible for informing parents or other emergency contacts.

* The Trip Manager may impose sanctions or report back to the Committee for further action if there is any serious breach of the rules.

6. A Home Contact will be designated, who will also hold emergency contact and medical details of group members and Trip Manager, as well as the accommodation addresses and full itinerary that the group expect to follow.

The Home Contact’s number will be given to parents / guardians of juniors on the trip.

7. If Juniors (under 18) are in the group, the following extra actions should be taken:

* Each Junior’s parent / guardian must complete a consent form for that trip (in addition to the emergency and medical details) and should receive details of the trip, the Home Contact and the Trip Manager.

* Adults on the trip should complete a self-declaration form (Child Protection) or have been CRB checked.

* The Trip Manager is responsible for supervising the well-being, behaviour and sleeping arrangements of Juniors.

* So far as possible, Juniors should sleep in rooms or tents with others of the same sex and similar ages. Adults should not generally share a tent or room with a single Junior. These guidelines should be interpreted in the light of Juniors’ overall safety.

8. Transport

· All drivers must be legally licensed, insured and fit to drive the vehicle.

· All vehicles used must meet legal requirements.

· Drivers must drive in a safe and responsible manner, both on and off the road.

· So far as possible, a Junior should not travel alone with an adult.

9. Behaviour

Members should report any unacceptable behaviour (by Club members, other participants or the public) to the Trip Manager who will decide whether to report it to the event organizers. Abusive or threatening behaviour is always unacceptable.

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