Canoe Polo

What is Canoe Polo

Canoe polo or kayak polo is a competitive sport in which paddlers combine boating skills and ball skills.


Canoe polo is played indoor in a swimming pool or outdoors on a lake on a pitch similar to a football pitch.


Polo goal nets are held high above the canoeists in a similar way to basketball nets.


Matches – usually part of bigger tournaments – last for between 14 to 20 minutes.


For more information on Canoe Polo, please visit the British Canoe Polo website.


Does Green Star offer Polo?

Yes, Green Star does offer polo as a discipline.

Green Star Canoe Club offers canoe polo for beginners. We have historically catered for advanced paddlers and we aspire to do so again. One of our paddlers has paddled for GB


The Green Star Canoe Club usually enters a club team into the Yorkshire Region Open Polo Tournament every year. The team is currently in the Yorkshire Open Division 3.

When does Green Star offer polo?

The Green Star Canoe Club is prepared to offer canoe polo sessions at our lake in Blaxton, near Doncaster.

Yorkshire Region Tournaments are during the winter on a Saturday evening.

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November 21, 2020

Finningley, Doncaster


Green Star Canoe Club is an all round canoeing and kayaking club based in Doncaster. We offer canoe slalom, polo, freestyle and river running events.

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