Slalom Season

Slalom season starts again shortly, with Green Star Canoe Club paddlers from all divisions competing across the UK !

Last season, club members congratulated numerous slalom paddlers on their promotions including: Luke Wilkinson, William Goodhead, Emily Bower, Will Vine, Dave Holdway, Sam Meadows, Harry & Hector Welling and Theo & Martin Beale.

This season starts at the beginning of March. Members first competitions are at Lee Valley, Symonds Yat and Stone, across divisions 1 to 4.

Good luck to those competing for the first time in a new division, and to all entering the new season!

Information on competitions can be found here. Or see our page to find out more about what we do at Green Star Canoe Club.

Div. 4 races are accessible to people who have not previously entered.

Club members will be available with hints and tips at our own Div. 4 slalom, planned for May 27/28th.


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